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November 6, 2018, Tuesday

Español 2

  1. warmup questions using current vocabulary and -ir preterit.
  2. Answers for homework shared and discussed.
  3. Important questions – students wrote down and we discussed what they meant and how to answer them as well as possible variations that might be seen in the future. Keep these and study, will need them for the final as well.
  4. Homework practice – Quizlet practice on Classroom with the preterit -er and -ir verbs.

Español 3

  1. Warm-up – using preterit or imperfect in a story and discussed reasons.
  2. Homework corrected.
  3. Worksheet to practice vocabulary.
  4. Quiz.
  5. Decide if want to do project about a camping trip in the forest or at a beach.

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