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October 11, 2018, Thursday

Español 2

  1. Warm-up focusing on notes from yesterday on the preterit tense (p. 65 text).
  2. Partner activity 1 p. 62 – vocabulary.
  3. Practice with question words and choral response and discussion using the tú and yo preterit forms, discussion of vocabulary.
  4. Notes -car,-gar,-zar verbs yo form in the preterit – irregular because of pronunciation and irregular verbs in the preterit and examples on the note sheet (p. 70 textbook)
  5. Next quiz, Friday Oct 19 – preterit tense and 1.2 vocabulary.

Español 3

  1. Warm-up with preterite verbs.
  2. Culture review – will be on test tomorrow. We’ve spoken about culture several days in many ways with listening, reading and with images.
  3. Speaking practice with preterit verbs and vocabulary – 2 activities pp 54-55.
  4. Discussed the test format and instructions, what to study and preparation options.
  5. Quizlet live.
  6. U 1.1 Test tomorrow.

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