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October 2, 2018, Tuesday

Español 2

Work with indirect object pronouns. Warm-up – reviewed what question is answered by indirect object, what is an indirect object, what are the indirect object pronouns and placement of the pronoun. Continued practice with recognition, io pronouns, verb recall (definitions) (reminder that have a sheet with all verbs learned last year) and practice with sentences. Also took notes on placement of io pronouns and double object pronouns and about placement with 2 verbs. Discussed test on Friday regarding direct and indirect object pronouns, students must know which is which and when and how you use them.

Español 3

Warm-up – questions about camping and vocabulary. Homework checked for completion and verbs discussed. (If student didn’t have it completed, complete at a later point in time and come in after school to check with maestra to receive credit). Reading in textbook, recall of Contexto 1 p. 35 before read Contexto 2 with partner and completed Act 10 p. 41. Discussed. Speaking activity with small group – what do you need and why if camping? What’s most important?

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