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September 27, 2018 Thursday

Español 2

Warm-up using direct object pronouns (use notes on back of vocab sheet). Practice with d.o. pronouns with whiteboards. Speaking activity to practice d.o. pronouns Act 6. Writing Act 7 p. 42 – write out all complete sentences, underline the noun that will be replaced by the direct object pronoun in the second sentence. Started in class…finish as homework. Due beginning of class.

Español 3

Warm-up reviewing tener + que + infinitive using current U 1.1 vocabulary. Review preterite slides with class and partner. Speaking activity Act 8 p. 39 in text. Quiz partner – english to spanish -vocabulary column 1. Quizlet live to practice. Quizlet column 1 added to classroom for students to practice for quiz tomorrow.

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