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September 25-26, 2017 Tuesday/Wednesday

Español 2

Wednesday – Warm-up using vocabulary – fill in the blank and ordering travel vocabulary. Culture and reading using peardeck technology with individual responses. Vocabulary quiz.

Tuesday – Warm-up using travel vocabulary, quiz partner over vocabulary. Listening and comprehension – Text DVD clip (script p. 39 of text) watched twice and students completed Act 4 questions (p. 40) Also practiced personal a and vocabulary with Actc 5 image (p.40). Practice quiz with vocabulary, listening, ordering and fill in the blank and answering a question.


Español 3

Wednesday – warm-up using camping vocabulary. Speaking activity 3 (p.34 in text) also using vocabulary – everyone responded in class. Reading silently – Contexto 1 p. 35 and then answered T/F questions Act 4 (p. 36) with partner. Speaking activity with partner using and ordering camping images just by speaking Spanish.

Tuesday – Warm-up  – letter in context – filling in the blank with correctly conjugated verbs (many in the preterite). Discussed meaning of word box verbs before started. (Act 7 p. 38 textbook). Speaking – giving preferences between vocabulary with reasons (Act 2 p. 34) More questions with partner Act 3 p. 34. Quizlet practice with vocabulary – link on Classroom.

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