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August 20, 2018 Monday

Spanish 2 and 3

We are getting off to a great year! Last week we reviewed some verbs and verb endings and general practice. We also talked about expectations in the classroom and that phones/chromebooks should always be put away and off, IDs on,  no food or drink (only plain water) and absolutely no use of translation sites like google translate. In the classroom there are hard cover dictionaries that students can use as well as class set textbooks. If a student (or parent/guardian) wants to check a textbook out to keep at home, please talk with me and we can easily do that.

Español 2

The preliminary lesson vocabulary sheet was passed out last week and students started filling in the vocabulary using the textbook. Today, students practiced pronunciation of the first section of vocabulary – adjectives. Students also practiced speaking with the microphone, introducing themselves and shared answers with their partner. Students also took notes and practiced with the verbs ser and tener in the present tense, subject pronouns, definite and indefinite articles (the/a) and agreement between nouns, adjectives and def/ind articles. Important questions were also written down and students will continue practice of all these things which will be covered on a quiz this Friday, Aug 24th. Students have been told what sections of the vocab and note sheet are on the second quiz Aug 31 and then everything will be on the test Sept 7.

Español 3

Last week students received “the pink sheet” of most commonly used verbs. The first quiz will be over the present tense irregular yo form verbs and stem-changing verbs this Friday the 24th. We reviewed the spelling of the verbs and students took notes. Some are simply stem-changers and follow the same pattern, others have irregular yo and the rest are the same and then as well many verbs follow the same pattern. Some verbs have irregular spellings throughout and those were written out on the board for students to copy. (students will have a quiz or test every Friday, so keep up on study and memorization)

Today students completed a review activity describing their summer. Students also practiced speaking with the microphone, introducing themselves and shared answers with their partner and some shared with the class. We also did a move around the room and practice speaking using many various questions and verbs and adjectives that were on papers on the wall. The idea is to get used to speaking and practice with classmates. After these activities, students started writing a letter to me about themselves, just to push themselves and see what they remember as this is an upper level Spanish class. Papers were collected and students will continue tomorrow.

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