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May 14, 2018 Monday

Español 2

  1. Adding some vocabulary and pronunciation – discussion of how it was used in the clip we watched on Friday and how can use in the skits.
  2. Groups assigned and students worked on skits which will be presented on Wednesday. Instructions and rubric are on classroom and students worked on script on google doc and shared with each other and then Maestra as well for work credit.
  3. Homework – work on script making sure that current vocabulary and phrases are used, practice and memorize, gather and bring props.

Español 3

  1. Warm-up – questions using pretertie about weekend, this summer plans using future tense and goals being reached for this school year?
  2. Organized hand-outs from year. Practiced Lec Preliminar with partner.
  3. Subjunctive – hands on with cards activity and then discussion.
  4. Reading practice and discussion – 2 paragraphs of story and student jotted down reading notes. Will continue this week and then complete questions.
  5. Homework – study vocabulary and grammar for final.

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