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May 11, 2018 Friday

Español 2

  1. Warm-up questions about 2 video clips we watched this week using Unit 5 vocabulary.
  2. Translating Paella recipe from video, using vocab ingredients and formal commands.
  3. Notes – affirmative and negative words – p. 283 in text. Short reading and questions using the words in context about a restaurant.
  4. Input on groups for activity next week.
  5. Clip – restaurant scene using current vocabulary.
  6. Final info sheet with info about scantron final during finals week and possible/similar questions for the written final next Friday. Make sure you know how to answer these in year 2 answers using current vocabulary. (you will see some of them as warm-ups next week….but don’t wait for us to go over each of them!)
  7. Additional vocabulary and pronunciation.

Español 3

Students finished hero essays/letters. Printed and indicated which vocabulary and subjunctive sentences for grading purposes. Printed copy to read and give to hero. Can print at home and turn in the beginning of class on Monday.

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