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April 13, 2018 Friday

Español 2

  1. Checked homework for completion and shared and discussed answers as a class.
  2. Activities practicing the use of preterite and imperfect tenses in a story. Un buen testigo – on classroom. Completed and discussed.
  3. Te toca a ti – on classroom – completed and discussed.
  4. Un Accidente en Cartegena – image on screen in classroom and then answering questions, discerning if use preterite or imperfect? Discussed.
  5. “Homework” –> Think about 3 characters and plot for legend. Students will  create a new and unique story, describe characters, etc. All in Spanish and all written in class during testing period. Study vocab on 4.1 vocab sheet to help come up with an idea!

Español 3

Test 4.1.

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