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March 28, 2018, Wednesday

Español 2

  1. Warm- up – translating sentences from English to Spanish using the imperfect tense.
  2. Show and Tell –  Students brought childhood items (or chose from Maestra’s box) and wrote sentences using the imperfect tense about what they used to play with, read, visit, etc and then they presented to a small group of students. 
  3. Students practiced vocabb with partner. Watched and discussed Telehistoria Completa to help prepare for quiz tomorrow. (in context vocab use)
  4. Kahoot to practice – vocabulary, imperfect tense and answering questions in Spanish to prepare for tomorrow’s quiz.

Español 3

  1. Warm-up using the subjunctive and verbs of hope (except for 2nd period due to Honors Convocation)
  2. Text reading – p 224 and questions – Juan Luis Guerra. Watched video. Listening practice – Wrote down Spanish words that recognized. Discussed meaning of Song. Papers collected.
  3. Speaking questions using the subjunctive – 2.

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