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March 26, 2018 Monday

Español 2

Warm-up – vocab definitions in Spanish. Practice vocab pronunciation and memory/definitions.

Notes – irregular imperfect verbs. Practice with regular and irregular preterite verbs. Act 4 p. 204 – speaking activity. Act 5 partner activity – reading and using imperfect verbs. Maestra demonstrated “show and tell” for tomorrow. Everyone is to bring 3 different items to use imperfect verbs in Spanish – what you used to do, play with etc. items, books, or photos of your favorite things from your childhood.

Español 3

  1. Warm-up – categorizing vocabulary. positive v negtive, also categorizing antonyms and synomyns. Practice with partner.
  2. Reading about Cristina p. 214 and adjectives to describe her.
  3. p. 216 nota gramatical and practice describing a partner and self using current vocabulary.
  4. Verbs of hope notes and practice with partner – will finish tomorrow Act 6 p. 218.

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