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March 22-23, 2018 Thursday and Friday

Español 2

Thursday – Students practiced with vocabulary – reading with images and categorizig vocabulary – worksheet on Classroom. Speaker about Panama and Columbia.

Friday –

  1. Warm-up – conjugating verbs in the imperfect. (notes on Wednesday) Reviewed endings and pronunciation.
  2. Vocabulary work – translating and what adjectives could be used to describe? Reading text – vocabulary in context p 198-199 – questions regarding reading comprehension and using vocabulary. Act 2 p. 200 – vocab categorizing.
  3. Notes on forming the past participle and use with estar and practice Act 4. p. 202.
  4. White board practice with the imperfect tense.
  5. Think about on the weekend – show and tell – bring 3 items (or photos) Monday. Students will write sentences and share wiht show and tell in Spanish on Tuesday.

Español 3

Thursday – Classroom homework handed in. practice with vocabulary. Speaker on Panama and Columbia.

Friday –

  1. Warm-up using vocabulary – synonyms and antonyms.
  2. Contexto 1 p. 215 – reading with partner and answering questions about the reading with partner and then with the class – using vocabulary in context. Also Act 3 p. 216 – true false questions about the reading.
  3. Practice vocab with partner and then game to review before very short vocab quiz.

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