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March 7, 2018 Wednesday

Español 2

warm-up – activities in textbook practicing with irregular preterite verbs. Act 11-12 p. 233. Discussed test format for Friday. Instructed students on how to find to practice for test Español 1, unidad 2 lección 2. (Can click on link to the right on this page, make sure to click on World Language, Nebraska and then go find book. – then choose 2nd year, and then @hometutor. name, level B Unidad 4, Lección 2 – vocab practice, grammar practica and there is a vocab game and flash cards)

Español 3

Subjunctive o no? worksheet (UWEIRDO) . Discussed if the 20 sentences needed subjunctive or indicative, which UWEIRDO designation and then conjugated the verbs. These were used for speaking points as well. Reading and Listening Comprehension – Contexto 3 p. 191-192. Listened and followed along. Answered Act 17 questions and then discussed. This was practice for the listening and reading sections of the Test. Discussed the test format and what to study. Practiced with a similar question and talked as a class about good 3rd year level answers, to use a variety of impersonal expressions, to make unique sentences with different verbs.

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