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March 5, 2018 Monday

Español 2

Warm-up with preterite verbs – what’d you do over the weekend. Speaking activity with preterite verbs. Review notes of stem-changing verbs from Vocab list 3.2, students will be tested over i-stem and j-stem on the test, will practice on Wednesday. (as well as -car,-gar, -zar, i-y verbs). Time to finish writing directions with maps. Maestra will be around for 30 minutes after school today (March 5), Summative speaking with the directions and maps tomorrow in class.

Español 3

Warm-up using impersonal expressions and the present subjunctive of given verbs and then adding other words to make a complete and unique sentence. Review SIDES notes – worksheet practice and used for speaking and pronunciation practice. UWEIRDO – will continue tomorrow. Test Friday.

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