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March 2, 2018 Friday

Español 2

warm-up questions where students had to answer using current vocabulary – modern and ancient cities. Checked tarea – Maestra looked at and discussed with students individually – writing directions. Map practice – speaking  activity. One set good directions, 1 no good directions as an example for students to think about while writing their own directions.

Map project – students (how had enough places drawn and labeled in Spanish on their maps) Write 5 step directions – 3 sets – two of those were assigned, the third is their choice. Maps and directions all done in class. Focus on writing and then coloring can happen later (part of being able to use maps easily) Maestra available after school today and Monday for 40 minutes. Students will have 10 minutes to work on Monday as other grammar will be discussed. Maps, directions have to be completed for  Summative speaking activity on in class on Tuesday. All maps and writing collected. Test next Friday March 9.

Español 3

warm-up using impersonal expressions and the present subjunctive. Reviewed the process of conjugation. Practice with vocabulary. Quiz 3.2. Notes – Subjunctive – SIDES, Haber, UWEIRDO. Will discuss examples and practice with both next week before the test on Friday.

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