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Wednesday March 17, 2010

Spanish 1

1. Discussed vocabulary through short reading activity. 2. Page 238 text – Notes on almorzar and poder, students should have added these to their verb charts. Practiced by writing p. 64 in workbook and Act. 13 and Act. 12 for listening practice. 3. Discussed Grammar Quiz format. There is a strong possibility for quizzes on Thursday and Friday, both grammar and vocabulary.

Homework – Memorize 3rd column vocab and the conjugations of the verbs from today.

Spanish 2

1. Lab – lab sheets

2.A ver si puedo, chapter review collected, points given and returned. We will discuss tomorrow.

Homework – Make changes as needed to review, or complete it! Study for test. Students took home the lab sheet and can access from internet anywhere. Extra Credit option needs to be completed by Friday before the test.

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