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Wednesday March 3, 2010

Spanish 1

1. flash cards of ½ vocab – introduce rest of vocab p. 229 tener idioms

2. Tener idioms – overhead notes and discussion with additional vocabulary

3. así dice for speaking points p. 217 . Also, Listening act. 24, nota gram, tambien se puede decir

4. Writing practice from Spanish to English and English to Spanish.

5. Test information passed out – Test is on Monday.

Review assignment for the Test is A ver si puedo p. 228 in the text and it is due on Friday.

6. DVD – a coninuacion 5:33

Homework –  for Thursday – p59-60 in workbook #14,15,16, for Friday p. 228 in the text. Study for Test on Monday, March 8th.

Spanish 2

1. Activity for vocab recall and conjugations of imperfect tense verbs.

2. Format for Quiz.

3. Presentations.

Quiz tomorrow and we will start the next paso.

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