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Thursday February 25, 2010

Spanish 1

1. Overhead – verb vocab – practice for quiz

2. Overhead practice with reflexive verbs – translating sentences and using the text.

3. Así p. 214, pronounce extra vocab again. Act. 19 – listening practice and  Act. 20 – written practice and speaking practice for points.

3. Practice with verb flash cards and reflexives were added.

4. Concentration Game – verbs

Homework – Study for Verb Quiz tomorrow, Grammar Quiz on Monday. (making plans=ir+a+infinitive, pensar + infinitive, conjugations of pensar, reflexive verbs and using them correctly.)

Spanish 2

1. Use books  – el caribe p. 186 and discuss the region.

2 Read in pairs pp 188-189 for points and discussed.

3. DVD segment about el caribe and de antemano clip that goes with Text. Discussed segment as we watched it.

4. Use 192-193 to answer Act. 1 and 2,  p. 194 on the back of the map activity. Complete the map activity according to directions. 10 minutes in class was given to work on this assignment- complete for homework.

5. In the video, the uncle was talking about his childhood. Students are to start thinking about, looking for 5 items/pictures for a “show and tell” in Spanish next week using the new tense we will learn. Students can borrow childhood items from siblings, neighbors, check out their favorite book from the library, etc if they don’t have access at home. Examples were shown and discussed. They will need the items Tuesday. Quiz will be Wednesday.

Homework – finish the map and de antemano activities. Start thinking about 5 childhood items to bring next week.

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