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Thursday February 11, 2010

Spanish 1

1. vocab recall activities

2. checked homework- verbs

3. Test Format handout and family tree/reading practice

4.  Listening questions and vocab practice

6.  Reading practice – credit given

7.  Verb conjugation review

Spanish 2

1. Brainstorm verbs for a journey/trip, con quienes vas a ir? , por qué? examples

Beber, comer, tomar, voy a, andar, pasar, caminar, mirar, comprar, visitar,ver, buscar, sacar (fotos)

3. Repaso de preterito –ar, -er, -ir endings, p. 49 in workbook

4. Returned Act. 14 students changed it to a trip that they have already taken, using the preterite verbs and using, yo, él/ella, nosotros (once), ellos- and a variety of verbs.

5. Peer editing on activity and then returned. Keep these for practice and to refer to as we continue to write about un recorrido in the past tense.

6. Vocab Act. 17 p. 169

7. Panorama Cultural 2 DVD clips – Listening in Spanish.

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