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Wednesday February 10, 2010

Spanish 1

1. Students were to practice the vocab cards which were given to them. Pronounced vocab.

2. Panorama Cutural – Chapter 6 how many people are in your family and what chores do you do?

3. Listening practice with questions and verb vocab.

4.  Act. 30 p. 184

5. Act. 31 – pairs and envelope activity- hands on activity.

Homework – p 52 in the workbook – practicing conjugating verbs.

Vocab sheets were available for those who wanted to help prepare for the Test on Friday. Students are to first write what the vocab means without using the text. Then check their knowledge with the Text.                                            

Spanish 2

1. Quiz 6.1

2. Write Act. 14 p. 167 write the list of places and number the most efficient route. The write a

paragraph using the 9 vocab words – relating a series of events and the route that

you would travel in Act. 14. – collected for credit.

2.Maestra listened to partner speaking – for points.

3. Pronounce vocab p. 186 Act. 12 Listening

4. Map on overhead and shared routes.

5. Así se dice p.168 and Listening Act. 15.

Think about bringing 5-8 photos of a trip that you have taken for presentation next week.

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