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Wednesday February 3, 2010

Spanish 1

1. Pronounced and discussed new and review vocabulary, pages 197 (Segundo paso), 179 and 177.

2. Así se dice p. 178. Students wrote sentences describing a family member using these phrases and the new vocabulary. Volunteers read them for speaking points.

3. Discussed the mini-project for tomorrow and Friday. Students are to bring photos of 3 generations, at least 8 people. Pictures from magazines, printed off the internet or drawn pictures are fine as well, as is a combination of the 3. Tomorrow students will write their draft and leave it here. If they don’t have pictures, but know their family members to write about, they will be fine. All writing must be completed in class and be Spanish 1 level using current and previous vocabulary and verbs.

4. Listening activities pp178-79, Act. 15 and 16.

5.Students wrote a “secret” description on a piece of paper, with the name of the person. Turned these in to me and we will open class tomorrow with this guessing game. I will read the sentences and the class will guess who it is.

Spanish 2

1. Warm-up game.

2. Quiz 5.3

3. DVD for Chapter 6 and questions.

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