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Monday February 1, 2010

Spanish 1

1. Bingo with family members.

2. Speaking Act. 10, p. 175 for points and Speaking with the así se dice phrases. (If you are absent you need to make these up.

3. Act. P. 175 – students wrote a paragraph describing the family and answering the questions in complete Spanish sentences. Collected for points.

4. Encuentro Cultural p. 177 read and discussed.

5. Format of the Quiz discussed, listening, reading, writing, and cultural. Make sure you know your family member vocabulary have reviewed the culture sections of this paso and are prepared to do a writing activity similar to the one we did in class today.

6. Family tree worksheet – The Farkles. 10” in class, finish for homework if didn’t complete in class.

* Quiz 6.1 tomorrow.

*Start looking for pictures for family album project. You need to have pictures of at least 8 family members of various ages and from your extended family. We will write about these pictures and label them so you need to have the different generations represented, grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings. Photos will be returned. If you don’t have access to family pictures, you can cut them from magazines, or print them off the internet and bring them to class on Thursday.

Spanish 2

1. Papers were returned and students were encouraged to rewrite and correct errors for increased credit.

2. Bingo to review body parts.

3. Reflexive vocab p. 146. Practice activities Act. 33 – written. Act 34 speaking (for credit), p. 147 Panorama Cultural (read aloud for speaking credit) and students wrote answers to A in Spanish and B in English. Papers collected.

4. Hokey Pokey.

Homework – workbook pp 43-44.

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