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Friday, January 29, 2010

Spanish 1

1. Checked for completion, p. 45 in workbook – credit given. Students did p. 46 in workbook. We discussed both pages as class and students who read sentences received speaking points.

2. Listening practice – 2 activities. We listened to these several times as there will be similar activities on upcoming assessments.

3. Nota cultural p. 175 in the textbook.

4. Family vocab – bingo in Spanish.

Quiz next Tuesday.

Spanish 2

1. Homework collected for points. Sentences need to be at Spanish 2 level to receive credit. They can be re-done to get there.

2. Qué guapo – reading and drawing activity – practicing vocabulary comprehension.

3. Listening practice and practicing with vocab that has to do with injury, headache, sprain, etc.

4. Speaking act. 32 p. 145 – pts.

5. Bingo – vocab body parts.

Quiz next Wednesday

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