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Thursday January 28, 2010

Spanish 1

1. Worked with vocab from primer paso in several ways.

2. Discussed the quiz from yesterday.

3. Notes/packet on possessive adjectives and Act. 8, p. 174 for practice.

4. Speaking sheets handed out with questions that students should be able to answer in the next couple days – for points.

Homework – Page 45 workbook, (we started this in class)

Spanish 2

1. Skeleton completed and discussion and practice with vocabulary in several formats.

2. Speaking Activity 30 p. 144 – points.

3. page 145 vocabulary and conjugation practice.

4. Worksheet – completed and went over pt.I in class,. Finish Pt. 2 – writing 10 sentences using the conjugated vocab starters, body part vocab and what, why, where, etc…Make the sentences at Spanish 2 level.

Homework – Finish sentences.

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