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Monday January 11, 2010

Spanish 1

1. Reviewed verb infinitives and conjugating of verbs, – er, -ir and –ar as well as the most common irregulars.

2. p. 41 homework – credit given (we did most of this in class last week and students needed to finish at home) and grade reports with missing work handed out. Missing work needs to be in by Wed.

3. Worksheet – practicing verb conjugations and vocabulary from Chapter 5. Discussed answers.

4. Final review sheet passed out and speaking questions marked. Students should have written the answers on the sheet. Also added hacer and ver to the verb list side of the sheet. There are 10 questions possible for the speaking part of the final. Questionsing will occur both tomorrow and Wed.

5. Students should practice the speaking questions and start filling out the review sheet. Answers will be posted for those who have it completed. Class time will be given tomorrow to work on this worksheet and more info about the final will be given.

Spanish 2

1. Grade print-outs given so students know about missing work. It is due by Wed.

2. Reading activity and answering questions. Questions returned to those who didn’t complete the activity. It was collected for credit.

3. Speaking activity – review for final.

4. Review handouts given for final and information about the format. (2 sheets) Students will have time in class to work on them tomorrow and had 5 minutes in class today. Answers will be available for those who have completed the worksheets tomorrow and Wed.

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