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Monday November 23, 2009

Spanish 1

1. Review verb endings for ar verbs – power point

2. Discussed quizzes – below a C –, do extra practice hand-out and then re-take Monday at 3:05, Tuesday at 7:35 am, or Tuesday at 1:50. It will take 10” (Tues I have PLC meeting so you have to be very prompt!)

3. Added Estar to verb chart with asterisk, make sure you put the accents! Talked about why ther are 2 verbs that mean to be and when we use them.

4. Asé se dice p. 118

5. Vocab pronounce p. 135

6.  12 minutes in class to work on a) Make vocab cards, Segundo paso and add forms of estar,

estoy, estás, está, estamos, están. Also verb practice with workbook pp. 28-29 #3,4,5.

Finish flashcards and workbook for homework. Bring to class!!

Spanish 2

1. P. 98 Textbook – finish activities 2-4

2. Text – write 2 things that are different in the DVD than the textbook reading.

3. Vocab pronunciation and Ser/Estar p. 105 and p. R42, also looked at Maestra’s website and ser and estar are under General Information

6. New vocab p. 105 – homework write 12 sentences using each of the adjective vocab in first 2 columns.

Write a sentence using each on and say why that word is appropriate for that person.

Modelo: 1. Mi mama es muy creative porque ella pinta obras de arte magnifico.

Finish for homework

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