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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spanish 1

  1. Checked homework
  2. Así se dice, p. 114 Discussing what you and others do during your free time
  3. Notes – ar verb conjugations – handout in folders by door
  4. Homework – infinitive chart – write out all the conjugations for the given –ar verbs
  5. Shared several speaking avatars made by the students for speaking credit 3.3.

Speaking point sheets for Chapter 4 handed out yesterday. See below

Puntos de Hablar 1ch4

Due by end of each paso (quiz/Test day)

Paso 1

a. Answer in a complete sentence in Spanish when Maestra asks you what you like to do using current vocabulary.

b. Answer in complete Spanish sentence and conjugating an –ar  verb for the yo form when Maestra asks what you do in your free time.

Paso 2

c. Answer in Spanish using location vocabulary and correct verb form when Maestra asks Where’s Jorge?

Paso 3

d. Answer in complete Spanish sentence with current vocabulary and verb forms – Where do you go in your free time?

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