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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spanish 2

1. Collect homework and late work libritos.

2. Speaking practice from overhead

3. Act. 7 and 11 listening and reading practice

4.  Act. 9 – speaking

5. Giving advice – deberias and debes p. 101

6. homework p. 28

7. Shared several speaking avatars made by the students for speaking credit 3.3.

Speaking point sheets for Chapter 4 handed out yesterday. See below

Puntos de Hablar 2Ch4

Due by end of each paso (quiz/Test day) Answer all in complete sentences in Spanish using current vocabulary, verbs and grammar.

Paso 1

a. Be able to give your opinion about something when Maestra asks.

b. Give advice to someone when Maestra asks.

Paso 2

Have a short conversation with Maestra where you compare 2 people or things when Maestra show you a picture/words card and also answer follow-up questions about them.

Paso 3

Prepare a short skit using current vocabulary phrases with a partner. Each person must have 3 lines. Present to Maestra by memory.

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