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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spanish 1

1. Finished Chapter 3 projects which count for a Test grade. Late points will be taken if not handed in first thing on Monday.

2. Record your voice with your voki and send it to Maestra at

See instructions from yesterday if you didn’t get this done in class. This can be completed with any internet connection and standard telephone as you call a 1-800 number to record your voice. You need to have your voki open on the computer at the time, call the number and passcode, read your script, save it, publish it and then send. Those that I have received are great! I want all vokis by Monday as well.

Spanish 2

1. My Perfect Day booklets due. Drafts needed to be completed in class or after school. Final copy done at home after draft checked off. Due Monday.

2. Voki character for speaking. Scripts were written last week. We went to the lab to create an avatar that looked like the student and then they record their voice and email the final product to me. Follow the instructions that were given. They are also available below. These are due on Monday as well.

Español 2 – Voki speaking project – dating service

1. Go to

2. If you already have set up an acct. then fill in your email and password. If you haven’t, then you need to register, check you email and click on the activation link and then sign in.

3. Click on create a new voki, wait for it to load.

4. Customize your character. Click on the boxes that are to the right of the larger picture. From the drop down box you can choose male, female, all. Using the arrows you can move through other options such as randoms, edgy, anime, etc. Try and create a voki which looks like you. You can also choose hair, facial features, clothes and bling. Click the X at the top of the box when you have your physical voki made.

5. You can also then choose the background you prefer.

6.  In order to save your voki, you will have to publish it, but first you have to add some text. You are to record from your script, but  if you aren’t ready to record then type in a few words in any language in order to save your voki. You will need to add text with the text box and then publish. You can go back later and edit to add your voice in. You will have to give your voki a name. Please use your name and class period as you will email me your final project and I need to have your name in order to give you speaking credit!!

6. Give it a voice.

Click on the telephone. Do not type in your phone number, click on the call the old fashion way. Write down the 800 number and the passcode. Follow the instructions. Have your script in front of you and speak the best Spanish possible. Listen to your recording and then save. You can use a landline or a cell phone. It is an 800 number. Follow the prompts on the phone.

7. Return to the computer and click save, label it with your name and publish. Wait.

8. Click on send to a friend. Send to Make sure you fill in your name, the subject and type something in the message box. Again, you have to identify your voki/email with your name and class period.

Due via email to Maestra – Monday before class, November 16. If you don’t have access to computer at home, then you need to go to the library, media center or come in after school. Speak to me by Thursday Nov. 12th if you have a problem with this so we can make arrangements.

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