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Friday November 6, 2009 and Monday November 9, 2009

Spanish 1- Friday

1. Chapter 3 Test

2. Time video

Spanish 1-Monday

1. Discussed Ser and vocab Quiz from Thursday and Chapter Test from Friday.

2. Vocab from primer paso p. 135

3. Discussed Chapter 3 project and instructions given out. Discussed scoring rubric and that this will be in the Test category. Examples were shared in all grading categories. Work must be completed in class. Students started on rough drafts of 10 sentences and they were collected. After drafts are completed then final copy paper will be given out and the final copy can be neatly written and the artwork portion completed.

4. This project will also be used for speaking. Students will read what they have written and it will be recorded as the speech of a voki. This voki will be emailed to Maestra for grading and some will be shared in class as time allows. We will go to the lab on Wed and students will create their voki and the the speech can be added later.

Spanish 2 – Friday Nov. 6

1. A ver si puedo p. 92 – collected.

2. Draft of speaking written and also collected.

Spanish 2 – Monday Nov. 9

1. Returned A ver si puedo and discussed.

2. Reviewed how to say how long you have been doing something.

3. Discussed format of Test tomorrow. #4 in notes.

4. Returned scripts and added description of self – like an advertisement for a penpal, dating service. Worked on getting students registered to make the voki later in the week.

5. My perfect Day mini-booklets project discussed and samples shown. Students were to write 8 of the 16 sentences in class and the work was collected. After the test tomorrow they will be returned and collected. All work must be compelted in class.

Chapter 3 Test tomorrow.

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