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Monday Nov.2, 2009

Spanish 1

1.Repaso– colores, la mochilla, el cuarto, la clase de español, verbos, preguntas, time

2. Notes #1 – Ser singular and plural, used to describe people and things – overhead on handout
3. Así se dice p. 92 and blue vocab box pronunciation
4. Vocab p. 107 – Make flashcards, memorize!!! Finish for homework (had 7 minutes classtime)
Pop Quiz sometime this week over ser, pronouns and vocabulary.
Chapter Test on Friday.

Spanish 2

1. Speaking practice and review with partners where went and what did over break. Using the preterite tense. Review of current vocabulary and phrases.
2. Gramatica – overhead from textbook – notes #1
p. 77 – indirect object pronouns – practiced as a class with powerpoint
3.   Así se dice – p. 78 – practice
Act. 19 listening
Act 20 speaking
Nota cultural p. 78
Homework pp. 22-23 workbook. (5 minutes in class)
Quiz on Wednesday.

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