WordPress Upgrade… What’s New?

This past weekend, WordPress at LPS was upgraded to the latest version: So what’s new? Here are the biggest changes you will see:

  • When you upload a photo you will have a button to “edit photo.” This new feature will give you the opportunity to crop, rotate, flip and scale your photo. Note, these changes are not destructive, meaning that you can always get your original picture back. It also means that you won’t reclaim any disk space by cropping and sizing your pictures down.
  • Removing pages and posts is now more like removing items from your computer. Every item has a “trash” link that will send the item to the trash can. This means that you can quickly delete things without bothersome “are you sure?” messages and then empty your trash at your convenience (or recover from the trash if you make a mistake).
  • Easy video/picture embeds. Looking to drop in a video from a video sharing site? Now you can simply include the address to the video page on a line by itself and WordPress will figure out the rest. This will NOT work for LPS solutions such as Docushare (for which you will continue to use the ProPlayer button) but does work for the following sites among others: YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, blip.tv, Flickr (both videos and images), Viddler, Hulu…

Using this last point, here is an embedded video with some more details about WordPress 2.9


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