Take Charge – Weekly Calendar

Term 1:  School Year 2017 – 2018

Week 9: Oct. 9th – Oct. 13th, 2017
Monday, Oct. 9th – Complete Note-Taking Guide & Discussion on Insurance, Everfi – Insurance & Taxes
Tuesday, Oct. 10th – Consumer Protection Discussion, Everfi – Consumer Protection, Review for Unit 5 Exam
Wednesday, Oct. 11th – Unit 5 Exam; Kahoot Review for Final
Thursday, Oct. 12th – Finals Day 1 – Block 1 & 2
Friday, Oct. 13th – Finals Day 2 – Block 3 & 4

Week 8: Oct. 2nd – Oct. 6th, 2017
Monday, Oct. 2nd – Multimedia Presentations; Discussion:  Major Expenditures
Tuesday, Oct. 3rd – Complete discussion on Major Expenditures; Assign:  Housing Reinforcement Worksheet and Everfi – Renting vs Owning
Wednesday, Oct. 4th – Discussion:  Taxes; W-4 and W-2 Forms, Practice a 1040 EZ Form
Thursday, Oct. 5th – Video – How People are Paid, Quiz:  1040 EZ; Assign:  Worksheet on Taxes
Friday, Oct. 6th – Discussion:  Employee Benefits and Insurance and Health Insurance; Review:  Damen goes to the hospital; JOB SHADOW WORKSHEET IS DUE!

Week 7: Sept. 25th – Sept. 29th, 2017
Monday, Sept. 25th – Interview Fair, Thank you email; Assign:  NCC Career Research
Tuesday, Sept. 26th – Guest Speaker – National Guard; Discussion:  Ethics and Equity in the workplace
Wednesday, Sept. 27th – Assign:  Multimedia Project; Discussion:  Spending Plans
Thursday, Sept. 28th – Guest Speaker – Equity; Complete discussion on Spending Plans (Setting up a budget and review scenarios)
Friday, Sept. 29th – Unit IV Open Note Test; Multimedia Presentations

Week 6: Sept. 18th – Sept. 22nd, 2017
Monday, Sept. 18th – Discussion:  Applying for a job and completing a job application; Assign:  Typed Job Application
Tuesday, Sept. 19th –  Discussion:  Cover Letters; Assign:  Cover Letter for Interview Fair
Wednesday, Sept. 20th – Discussion:  Interview preparation; Video; Practice Interview Questions; Complete Missing work for interview fair
Thursday, Sept. 21st – Discussion:  Interview; Practice Interview Questions; Assign:  Interview Fair Folders
Friday, Sept. 22nd – Discussion:  Work Place Readiness Skills (Attitude); Fish Video; Company and Position Research for Interview Fair

Week 5: Sept. 11th – Sept. 15th, 2017
Monday, Sept. 11th – Discussion:  Credit Report and Score; Assign:  Credit Score Worksheet and Everfi – Credit Score
Tuesday, Sept. 12th – Review:  Credit Report and Score; Complete missing Everfi’s Unit II; Review for Unit II Test; Discussion and assign:  Networking / Reference Worksheet 
Wednesday, Sept. 13th – Unit II Test; Resume Discussion; Video; Begin Formatting Resume
Thursday, Sept. 14th – Write Resume with Reference Page
Friday, Sept. 15th – Complete Resume with Reference Page; Group share and proofread; Turn in Resume with Reference Page; Discussion and Assign:  Internet Job Search

Week 4: Sept. 4th – Sept. 8th, 2017
Monday, Sept. 4th – No School
Tuesday, Sept. 5th –  Discussion:  Savings Tools; Everfi – Savings
Wednesday, Sept. 6th – Savings vs. Investing; Assign:  Savings Tool Worksheet; Complete Everfi – Savings
Thursday, Sept. 7th – Everfi – Investing; Discussion:  Credit and Credit Cards
Friday, Sept. 8th – Complete Discussion on Credit Cards; Everfi – Payment Types; Assign:  Credit Card Worksheet

Week 3: August 28th – Sept. 1st, 2017
Monday, August 28th – Guest Speaker – NWU; College Scavenger Hunt
Tuesday, August 29th –  College Research with Summary
Wednesday, August 30th – Guest Speaker – SCC; Everfi – Higher Education
Thursday, August 31st – Guest Speaker – UNL; Discussion:  Paying for College; Assign:  Scholarship Research #1 – #2
Friday, Sept. 1st – Counselors; Complete Scholarship Research #3 – #4; Complete Everfi – Higher Education

Week 2: August 21st – 25th, 2017
Monday, August 21st – Discussion:  Debit/Checking Accounts; Everfi – Banking
Tuesday, August 22nd –  Gallup; Discussion:  Debit / Checking Accounts; Everfi – Banking
Wednesday, August 23rd – Assign:  Debit / Checking Account Simulation; Everfi – Banking; Review Unit I Test
Thursday, August 24th – Educationquest; Complete Banking UNIT 1 Assignments
Friday, August 25th – Counselors; Unit I Test

Week 1: August 14th – 18th, 2017
Monday, August 14th –
Tuesday, August 15th – Classroom Expectations and Procedures; Career Cruising Assessment
Wednesday, August 16th – Discussion:  Why People Work and Factors for Career Choices; NCC Interest Assessment with Summary
Thursday, August 17th – Discussion: Human Capitol with Reality Check; Complete NCC Skills Assessment with Summary and Career Crusing Worksheet
Friday, August 18th – NCC Skills Assessment with Worksheet; Discussion:  Entrepreneurship; Assign:  Job Shadow Confirmation Form