First math test

My math class will be taking their first math test on Thursday.  We covered a lot of objectives in chapter one.  Some of the skills we studied: place value to the billions, comparing, ordering and rounding whole numbers and decimals, and decimal place value to the thousandths. On Wednesday we will review during class time and the students will have a homework review that night.  Study hard kids!!!!

Here is a link to all of the math objectives for 5th grade.


We are working to help students develop their organizational skills. We are also hoping to promote communication with families.  To do this, each student will be given a planner, and we are asking students to record their daily assignments and share this information with their parents.  For the first several weeks, we are asking that parents initial or sign the planner each night. As students demonstrate accountability, and earn their thumbs up the requirement for parent signatures will be changed to weekly.  Remember this is the student’s responsibility, not the parent’s,  to get their planner signed

Day one done

Well, 23 5th graders entered my room at 8:50 and began their first day of the 2014-2015 school year.  Lots of get to know you activities were done and plenty of rules and expectations were covered.  We are well on our way to a successful year.  I can’t wait for the fun and the learning to really take off.  Now on to day 2.

photo (1)

Can’t wait

I was great to meet my new 5th grade students at open house last week. One more day before school starts! How are you spending your last day of summer break? I am putting some last minutes touches in my classroom and finalizing my lesson plans.  See you soon!

Important Dates

Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year.  Here are some dates for important upcoming Morley events.

Thursday, August 7th  5:30-6:30  Open House

Tuesday, August 12th  First Day Of School!!!!!!

**Remember the first week schools gets out 1 hour early.