About Me

My name is Mrs. Hergott and
I teach K-5 Art at Maxey Elementary.
You can contact me at 402-436-1153
or bhergott@lps.org

About Mrs. Hergott

I would like to share with you a little more about me.  I graduated from UNL with a bachelors degree in Art Education.  I have been teaching at Maxey since 2007. Before that, I taught at a K-12 consolidated school for two years.  I am married to Mr. Hergott and we have three children. I am finishing up my last class at UNK and then I will have my Masters Degree in Arts Education!!  The approach to teaching that I apply to my art classroom is constructivist theory. I believe that students make meaning by connecting learning to a big idea, or enduring idea. I strive to use big ideas to apply interdisciplinary teaching and make connections to what students are exploring in other disciplines, in their community, and in the world.  I am currently researching transdisciplinary theory and the Art Research Integration approach.


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