Drama club

Drama Club FAQ

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Q) What is Drama Club?
A) Drama Club is a student organization for anyone interested in being involved in any aspect of LSW theatre.

Q) So, what is ITS?
A) ITS, or the International Thespian Society, is an international honor society for students who are dedicated to theatre.

Q) Do I have to be in ITS to be a part of Drama Club?
A) No! Anyone is welcome to be a part of drama club, regardless of past experience or ITS affiliation.

Q) How do I get into ITS?
A) Students who are awarded membership into ITS will have participated in at least one LPS theatre production, and while involved in said production(s), students will have accumulated 12 points. 1 point equals approximately 10 hours of excellent work; in other words, students will have dedicated approximately 120 hours of excellent work upon induction.