(a.k.a. Mr. Bob)

PURPOSE (Please read with “Surfer” Voice) Yo, Dude! The purpose of this class is to like develop your appreciation for theatre as entertainment, as a technical process, as a part of history, as literature and as a form of personal expression – alright! Dude, you’re gonna get to read some cool plays, do some knarley activities, get in touch with your, like, “inner-philosophical self” through some way out acting excercises, projects, writing applications, and evaluations! WHOA! So, like the main point of this awesome class is to develop your acting skills so that you can ride the “wave” of success in school, in your everyday life, and in your future. The better you can communicate, dude, the more totally awesome your life will be!! COOL!

COURSE OUTLINE (Please read with “Barney” voice) I love you, you love me, communication is the key. . . Well, hi boys and girls! Welcome to the world of acting! Baby Bop and I want you to know that this semester of Theatre has three areas in which you get to play! They are:

Acting Exercises:
The major focus of this class will be your participation in different acting situations. These include; acting exercises, character development games, improvisational scenes, rehearsed scenes, stage combat, monologues, and duet acting scenes. Remember boys and girls, working with others is the key!

Reading Plays:
Guess what boys and girls?? In addition to reading plays assigned in class, you will get to read one full length play of your choice during the next 9 weeks, and write a critique. Due dates will be announced and specific directions given later. Time for YOU to be the teacher!!

Attending Plays:
Yippee!!! You will get to attend one live, full length theatre production on your own ONCE during the next 9 weeks. You will get to write your own critique of the performance. Upcoming shows will be announced and specific directions will be given at a later date. It is like your own personal field trip, but don’t get lost!

GRADING (Please read with a “Valley Girl” voice) Oh. . .my. . .gawd. . .I am like sooo excited. Did you know that you will, like be graded on a point system- no way that is sooo cool. Daily work, and each activity, homework assignment, performance, report or whatever, over the next 9 weeks will have a certain number of points that you earn. Just like the allowance my daddy gives me – as if! If your work is late it will like not be accepted. If you questions about your grade like during the term, then make an appointment to see Mr. Bob before or after school, he’s like WAAAY to busy to do it during class . . . DA!

(Please read with “Mafia” voice) Pssst. . .’ey you. . .come ‘ere! I gots somethin’ very impordant ta tell ya. Mr. Bob don’t like it if you aint in his class, on time, every day. If you aint here, he sends me out after yas, and you don’t want dat! It aint a pretty picture – if ya knows what I mean!! Ya don’t gotta be no rocket scientist ta figure out dat if ya aint here, ya aint gonna pass! You will flunk, and have to come back and take it again, and again. That’s like wearin’ cement shoes and gettin’ tossed in da river. So, get your behind here and on time! Just like any other class here at LSW, if you are truant more than 3 times in da next 9 weeks, you will will be put on noncredit status for dat class. So don’t be stupit!

An don’t be late to class neither! Mr. Bob don’t like it when you interrupt his class. You got five minutes to get here from your last class, so, unless you already got broken kneecaps – be here on time! If not, students who are late to class and do NOT have a pass from de office or deir teacher, will lose participation points for dat day.

Now, dis all may sound like Mr. Bob is a mean guy, but he aint – he’s just got moxy. An he cares about yous. He just wants you alls ta pass dis class, and you aint gonna if ya aint ‘ere! OK?. . . . . OK!

PASSES (Please read with “Forrest Gump” voice) I’m not a smart man, but I know what a planner is. My mamma always says, if you have to use one of your passes, like to go the the bathroom because you drank 14 Dr. Peppers, or you’ve been shot in the buttocks, then you always need to have YOUR planner with you. Mr. Bob will check to make sure it is YOURS. If he catches you trying to use someone elses . . . you’d better be running!! Also, passes can’t be used during the first or final 15 minutes of class, or during performances and presentations. Using the pass is a privilege. If you are abusing it, you will make Mr. Bob mad and lose this privilege and . . . that’s all I’ve got to say about that!

1. Please stay at your desk/ in the room until I dismiss you. Don’t hang out by the
2. Maintain respect for all people and property.
3. Participate positively in class discussions and activities.
4. Feel free to bring water to class, but no other beverages, food or candy.
5. Use language that is appropriate for the classroom setting.
6. Don’t leave the room we’re working in without permission.
7. I will always be worthy of your trust, please be worthy of mine.

1. TRY! I don’t give grades, you earn them!
2. Never be afraid to make a mistake!
3. Complete your play critiques!
4. Participate daily in class!
5. Complete all assignments and performances on time!!
6. Laugh at my jokes!