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You can find all kinds of information on this site. Silver Hawk Theatre is open to all LSW students. Theatre productions are all extra-curricular. In other words, you DO NOT have to be in a LSW theatre class to audition for productions. All of our shows are cast from open auditions.     




Our 14th Annual Faculty Play has morphed into the,


For the first time in school history, this show features several different singing, acting, and dance performances by BOTH Silver Hawk Students and Faculty on stage TOGETHER.

$15 for Adults and $10 for Students 

At the current time, due to pandemic restrictions, the only people allowed to attend the in-person performances here at school are the extended families of the cast and crew.

The students were given the password for ticket purchasing, if you need it please,  contact the Box Office at 402-436-1335 IF you are a Parent of the cast or crew.

For all other family, friends and relatives that cannot attend in person

 you’re in luck, because both performances are being live streamed!  To support these amazing acts, all you have to do is go to www. Showtix4u.com and purchase either an Individual Live Stream Viewing for $15, or a Family/Group Live Stream Viewing for $65. No password needed! ! 

Mark your calendars now for this is a show you simply WILL NOT want to miss. This is a benefit performance that is sure to bring the family together through the magical power of song and dance!

                         Monday, May 17 & Tuesday, May 18 at 7:00 PM                               Reserved Tickets on sale NOW

www.showtix4u.com   – Search: Lincoln Southwest

$15 for Adults & $ 10 For Students

Questions? Call the Silver Hawk Theatre Box Office at 402-436-1335

With the ongoing pandemic, please watch for updates and changes to scheduling.            Also Please note the following:

Due to LPS Rules and Limits:

ONLY extended family

members of cast/crew may purchase socially distant,

in person tickets for a specific performance.          

A limit of 8 extended family members per family for each performance.

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