Thank You!

Take a look at our 2015 Backpack Walk Photo Gallery!
Take a look at our 2015 Backpack Walk Photo Gallery!

A big cheers and thank you to everyone who helped make the eighth annual Backpack Extra Mile Walk a complete success – and a record-breaking year.

We are grateful for all the hard work and effort you contributed, resulting in a triumphant walk this year that raised more than $164,000 for the hungry children of Lincoln – and brought the tally to more than one million dollars for the last eight years.

We have indeed shortened the waiting list for the BackPack program.

More than 4,000 participants helped contribute to the Extra Mile Walk this year to raise $164,000 – and still counting. That is enough to pay for 728 food backpacks in the coming school year. (And thanks to everyone who also brought food and backpacks.)

Of course, please remember that this walk is not just about raising money, it is about raising awareness. We know that participants in the Backpack Extra Mile Walk have educated countless people about the program and the growing needs of the students in our community. Please help us continue to spread the word. Keep talking about the BackPack program and the hungry children of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Congratulations to each and every school and LPS department participating in this effort. And a special bravo to our top fund-raising schools:

  • Elementary Schools: Maxey Elementary School, raising over $18,000 (Team Captains Sheri Christen and Greg Tebo)
  • Middle Schools: Lux Middle School, raising almost $9,000 (Team Captain Brent Burch)
  • High Schools: Lincoln East High School, raising more than $11,400 (Team Captain JJ Dugdale)

Schools, buildings, departments, businesses raising more than $1,000:

  • Maxey Elementary over $18,000
  • Nebraska Pork Producers $15,000
  • East High School over $11,400
  • Lux Middle School almost $9,000
  • Nutrition Services almost $9,000
  • Kloefkorn Elementary almost $7,800
  • Pyrtle Elementary almost $7,000
  • Scott Middle School almost $5,800
  • Southeast High School over $4,200
  • Prescott Elementary over $4,100
  • Kahoa Elementary over $4,000
  • Kooser Elementary over $4,000
  • Facilities/Maintenance over $3,600
  • Humann Elementary almost $3,600
  • Eastridge Elementary over $3,500
  • Schoo Middle School over $3,400
  • Board of Ed, Superintendent, Government Relations & Multicultural over $3,200
  • Morley Elementary almost $3,000
  • Cavett Elementary almost $2,800
  • Belmont Elementary over $2,700
  • Sheridan Elementary almost $2,600
  • Adams Elementary over $2,300
  • Special Education over $2,300
  • Business Affairs $2,300
  • Pound Middle School almost $2,300
  • Mickle Middle School almost $2,200
  • Computing Services almost $2,200
  • Zeman Elementary over $2,100
  • Calvert Elementary over $2,000
  • Xerox $2,000
  • Fredstrom Elementary over $1,800
  • Clinton Elementary almost $1,800
  • Curriculum and Staff Development almost $1,800
  • Randolph Elementary over $1,700
  • Instruction Administration over $1,600
  • Arnold Elementary almost $1,500
  • Roper Elementary almost $1,500
  • Dawes Middle School over $1,400
  • Pyschologists/PBiS over $1,400
  • Saratoga Elementary over $1,400
  • Huntington Elementary almost $1,400
  • Park Middle School over $1,300
  • Beattie Elementary over $1,200
  • Hartley Elementary over $1,100
  • Everett Elementary almost $1,100
  • Meadow Lane Elementary over $1,000
  • Goodrich Middle School over $1,000

We have accomplished much by working together in this powerful collaboration between the Food Bank of Lincoln and employees of Lincoln Public Schools.  We are grateful for all your help – on behalf of the children of our community.

See you next year, and thanks again,

BackPack Extra Mile Steering Committee: Shari Styskal, Zachary Baehr, Sue Cassata, De Ann Currin, Gary Czapla, Pat Hunter-Pirtle, John Neal, Mary Kay Roth, Cindy Schwaninger, Liz Standish, and Greg Tebo from Lincoln Public Schools – or John Mabry, Alynn Sampson, Michaella Kumke, and Scott Young from the Food Bank.