October 9-13, 2017

Hello families!


Next week we will begin our study on “Trees.” In small groups, we will be using sticks and leaves to measure and compare length, and describing art as we paint trees that we know about. We will be reading Our Tree Named Steve and Chica Chica Boom Boom. Our focus questions are “What do we know about trees? and What do we want to find out about trees?” and our letter of the week is H, h.


Our Second Steps lesson is on “Identifying Feelings.” Helping children understand their own feelings will help them in managing them appropriately. Understanding how others feel, and others may have different feelings about the same situation, will help build social skills and empathy.

We will also be learning about and practicing the LEAP skill of giving and receiving compliments. We will learn how to give a compliment with our words (“Great job___ “ or “I like the way you_____”) or with a gentle touch (high five, hug or pat on the shoulder).


A friendly reminder there is no school on October 13, 16 or 17. We will return to normal Preschool sessions on Wednesday, October 18.

Have a wonderful fall break!