November 13-17, 2017

Hello families!

Next week we will be making gingerbread play-doh, practicing writing letters in shaving cream, and reviewing shapes using geo-boards. Our focus question of the week is “Who takes care of trees?” Monday we will be visiting the music room for a special fall performance from 1st grade, and Tuesday is our Fall Party!


We will be reviewing our safety lessons on touching safety next week. Students have learned about safe touches, unsafe touches and unwanted touches. Safe touches are touches that make us feel loved and cared for. These might include hugs, pats on the back, high fives. Unsafe touches are touches that hurt our body. These might include pushing, hitting, kicking, pinching or someone touching the private parts of our body. Unwanted touches are touches that might be intended well, but are not welcome from the child at that point in time. Students have been practicing how to ask for hugs, and how to say “no” to an unwanted touch.


A friendly reminder that next week is a short week with only two days of school!

  • 11/22-11/24- No school due to Thanksgiving Break
  • 11/27- No school due to Teacher Plan Day
  • 11/28- No school due to PLC

We will return to typical Preschool sessions on Wednesday, November 29th.

Have a great weekend!