January 15-19, 2018

Hello families!

Next week we will be following a recipe to make ice-cream in a bag, practicing creating alphabet letters with buttons, writing numbers in shaving cream, re-telling a story with picture cards, refining our fine motor skills with lacing cards, and creating and extending a variety of patterns. Our read aloud is The Mitten, and our letter of the week is A,a.


Our Second Steps lesson is on “Managing Disappointment.” Young children have strong feelings about what they want, and may have a strong emotional reaction when they don’t get it. Adults may be tempted to give children what they want to avoid a strong emotional reaction, but we know disappointed feelings are just part of life. Taking deep belly breaths will help your child calm down when they are experiencing a strong emotion.


If you are currently living in the Kloefkorn attendance area and have a child that will turn five before July 31, you should have been contacted by now to confirm your 2018-19 Kindergarten enrollment. If you have not or know someone that has not please contact the school as soon as possible. You can find out more information about Kindergarten registration dates and open house here.

Classroom Valentine’s Day parties will be here soon and we need your help! The party is Wednesday, February 14 – about 4 weeks away. The Preschool party begins at 10:30 am will last about 20 minutes. The party consists of kids playing games, and/or doing a craft. If you’d like to help with your child’s party, please click here to sign up by Friday, February 2. Contact Tricia Berry at kuhnberry05@gmail.com for any questions.

Have a great weekend!


January 8-12, 2018

Hello families!


Happy New Year!


We are still looking for a variety of clothing items to study! We welcome clothes of all sizes, types, colors and fabrics. Please label your clothing item on the tag with permanent marker or with marker written on durable tape so that we may return them to you at the end of the study.


Next week we will be building then comparing block structures with measuring tools, going on a hunt for big, medium and small clothing items in our school, and studying features of clothing using a bar graph. Our read aloud books are Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Pocket for Corduroy. The letter of the week is Y, y.


Our Second Steps lesson next week is on strong feelings and naming feelings. Helping children name a feeling when they are experiencing a strong reaction will engage the thinking parts of the brain and prepare them to calm down. Young children face many new and difficult learning tasks throughout their day. Understanding how to calm down after experiencing intense frustration will help them approach difficult learning tasks with confidence and teach persistence.


Welcome new friends Monroe and Micah to our classroom!


Looking ahead:

January 15: No school due to MLK Day

January 30: No school due to PLC

Have a great weekend!