February 5-9, 2018

Hello families!


Next week we will be experimenting with vinegar and baking soda to observe a chemical reaction, practicing our knowledge of print and proximity with a heart easy reader, using rolling marbles to paint, practicing our letter sound knowledge with a “Jumping Beans” game, and measuring using snap cube towers. Our read aloud books are Something From Nothing, Mouse Was Mad, and Who Wears That? Our letter of the week is O, o, and our focus question of the week is “Where do we get our clothes?”


Our Second Steps lesson is on “Having Fun with Friends.” What children want from a play situation influences how they solve problems with other children. Choosing positive solutions to social problems help keep everyone having fun and playing together. Students will also review the “Fair Ways To Play” during this weeks lesson. When a problem arises, students can choose one of three positive solutions:

  1. Take Turns
  2. Trade
  3. Play Together


Kleofkorn Preschool will be having a small party to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th at 10:30 am. Children are welcome to bring valentines for their friends on this day. Per Kloefkorn policy, valentines should not include any candy or food items. Please also be advised that we have many early learners in this classroom, and so small trinket type items (ex: bouncy balls) that may present a choking hazard should not be included.


Valentines are a perfect way for your child to practice their counting and writing skills To prevent hurt feelings, please provide valentines for all students in our class. Of course, valentines are not required- only an option! A list of current students can be found under the “Our Class” tab.

Have a great weekend!