April 10-13, 2017

Hello families!

Next week is a short week with no school on Monday, April 17. In small groups we will be practicing counting as we connect numbers to objects, following directions as we move our bodies creatively to spring themes, and creating beautiful art with tissue paper and water. Our letter of the week is S, s.

We will be reviewing the safety steps we learned earlier in the year about keeping our bodies safe. We will practice using respectful, yet strong words to tell people to stop when they are doing something we don’t like. We will also be discussing using kind words and actions when interacting with others in the classroom.

A friendly reminder that we are creating a class recipe book for the upcoming “Week of the Young Child” celebration. Please submit your favorite family recipe via email to amattern@lps.org, or as a paper copy in your child’s backpack on or before April 17.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of 17 preschoolers? It’s not an easy task!

Have a wonderful weekend!