March 5-9, 2018

Hello families!


We will be off of school for Spring Break from March 12-16. When we return on Monday, March 19, we begin our study of insects! If you can, we’d appreciate your help in gathering materials related to insects. To assist in our learning, we’ll need many different objects and pictures related to insects. Below is a list of suggested items, but feel free to send other items that you think may add to our exploration.


Please label all items with a permanent marker with your last name so we can return them to you at the end of our study. We promise to take good care of them!

  • Clear jars
  • Netting and rubber bands
  • Ant farms
  • Butterfly habitats
  • Realistic toy insects
  • Microscope with slides showing insect specimens
  • Nets
  • Tweezers
  • Abandoned insect nests
  • Insect collections
  • Insect houses
  • Insect field guides
  • Photos of insects
  • Non-fiction books about insects
  • Non-toxic flowers/plants that attract insects

Also, please let us know if someone in your family has a job or hobby related to insects and would like to share their expertise with the class. We would love to arrange a time for you to join us in our investigation.


In our small groups, we will be identifying letters and their sounds with a “Jumping Beans” game, measuring to see how far we can blow cotton and ping pong balls, using our reasoning skills to find missing lids, hopping on a number line, reading non-fiction books about insects, and creating caterpillars by putting letters together to make our name. Our read aloud books are Busy Insects!, Under the Lemon Moon and The Grouchy Ladybug. Our letter of the week is D,d, and our investigative question is: “What do we know about insects, and what do we want to find out?”

We will be reviewing common area expectations and preschool school rules for our social skill review.

 Have a wonderful Spring Break!



February 26- March 2, 2018

Hello families!


Next week we will be using tallying to find out how many, playing Memory Match with clothing item pictures, practicing our literacy skills with a bug easy reader, counting and matching to numbers 1-10, creating bugs with a variety of 2-D shapes, and using our thinking skills by playing “What’s Missing?” Our read aloud books are The Quinceañera, Caps for Sale, and What Do You Do With a Problem?  Our letter of the week is B, b, and our focus question of the week is “What did we learn during the clothing study?” To celebrate our learning, students are welcome to wear clothing that depicts what they’d like to be when they grow up on Friday, March 9!


Our social skill focus for next week will be a review of the following LEAP skills:

  1. Getting Attention
  • Look at the person
  • Tap person on the shoulder
  • Say their name
  1. Asking
  • Look at the person
  • Tap person on the shoulder
  • Say their name
  • Hold out hand
  • Ask for item
  1. Giving/Play Organizer
  • Look at the person
  • Tap person on the shoulder
  • Say their name
  • Give item and say here
  • Say play idea


A friendly reminder that Kindergarten Registration is March 7 & 8 at Kloefkorn!

Have a great weekend!