Spelling and Vocabulary

Unit 6 Week 5 Vocabulary

humorous something that is funny and makes people laugh
entertainment something that interests and amuses
ridiculous something that is very silly or foolish
slithered something that slid or glided like a snake
narrative poem tells a story
rhyme words that end in the same sound
rhythm sounds like a drumbeat
stanza a group of lines in a poem

Unit 6 Week 4 Vocabulary

wildlife wild animals that live naturally in an area
endangered something that is in danger of becoming extinct
fascinating something that attracts people’s interest
illegal something that is against the law
inhabit to live in or on something
requirement something that is necessary
respected to be shown honor or consideration
unaware do not know or realize something

Unit 6 Week 3 Vocabulary

essential very important or necessary
communicated a person who passed along feeling, thoughts, or information to others
goal something a person wants and tries to get or become
motivated a reason for doing something
professional a job that requires special education
research a careful study to find and learn facts
serious something that is important
specialist someone that knows a great deal about something

Unit 6 Week 2 Vocabulary

argue to express a difference of opinion or to disagree
astonished to be surprised or amazed
complained to make an accusation or a charge
conditions the state or circumstances something is in
forbidding prohibiting or ordering someone or something to not do something
forecast a statement that tells what will or may happen
relief the freeing from discomfort or pain
stranded left in a helpless position

Unit 6 Week 1 Vocabulary

wealth A great amount of money or valuable things
alarmed afraid or frightened
anguish A great suffering of the mind or agony
necessary Something that needs to be done or is required
obsessed You think about one thing all the time and nothing else
possess Something you have or own
reward Something given or received in return for something done
treasure Money, jewels, or other things that are valuable

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