Spelling and Vocabulary

Unit 2 Week 4 Vocabulary

success Something that ends well
population All the same kind of thing living in a place
relatives Members of the same family
survive When people or animals stay alive in a dangerous event
caretakers Someone who cares for a person or animal and keep it safe
recognized You remembered that person from the past
resources Things that are available to be used when needed, such as water
threatened Something that is in danger of being hurt


For spelling practice with this week’s list go to: Spelling City

Unit 2 Week 4 List A

  1. scrubs
  2. screen
  3. scrap
  4. spree
  5. spray
  6. stream
  7. strong
  8. straw
  9. squeak
  10. squint
  11. split
  12. splash
  13. three
  14. throw
  15. thrill
  16. stripes
  17. spring
  18. wrote
  19. knit
  20. gnat


Unit 2 Week 4 List B

  1. scrubs
  2. screams
  3. scratch
  4. scrape
  5. screen
  6. spread
  7. splash
  8. spray
  9. streak
  10. strength
  11. strong
  12. squeak
  13. three
  14. throw
  15. thread
  16. streamer
  17. scribble
  18. wrote
  19. knife
  20. sign


Unit 2 Week 4 List C

  1. scrubs
  2. scratch
  3. scrape
  4. screams
  5. scribble
  6. spread
  7. sprinkle
  8. spray
  9. splinter
  10. strength
  11. strong
  12. squeak
  13. throw
  14. threaten
  15. throne
  16. streamer
  17. throat
  18. wrote
  19. knitted
  20. sign

Unit 2 Week 3 Vocabulary

announced Told people about it
convince Cause someone to believe or do something
elect Choose by voting
government The people who guide a city, state, or country
candidates People seeking an office or honor
decisions When you make choices
estimate To guess an amount
independent Do things for yourself


Unit 2 Week 2 Vocabulary:

arrived You got to where you were going
inspected Looked at something closely and carefully
opportunity A chance for good things to happen
valuable Something that is worth a lot of money or means a lot to someone
immigrated Someone who came to a new country to live
moment A very short amount of time
photographs Pictures taken with a camera
whispered Spoken in a very quiet voice

Unit 2 Week 1 Vocabulary

attempt Try to do something
cooperation People work together to do something
furiously Act in a way that shows you are very angry
involved take part in something
awkward Clumsy and not graceful
created Something is made or built
interfere Get in the way of something happening
timid A person is shy and not brave


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