Spelling and Vocabulary

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Unit 3 Week 5 Vocabulary

agreeable To be nice or pleasant
boomed To have grown suddenly
emigration The act of leaving one’s own country to live in another
transportation Carrying or moving something from one place to another
appreciate To be grateful
descendants People who come from a particular ancestor or group of ancestors
pioneers People who are among the first to explore and settle a region
vehicles A way of transporting goods

Unit 3 Week 5 List A

  1. oil
  2. foil
  3. boil
  4. point
  5. coins
  6. joy
  7. town
  8. owl
  9. plow
  10. crowd
  11. shout
  12. round
  13. proud
  14. house
  15. sound
  16. enjoy
  17. louder
  18. mistreat
  19. preheat
  20. discover

Unit 3 Week 5 List B

  1. foil
  2. coins
  3. noise
  4. point
  5. enjoy
  6. joyful
  7. down
  8. owl
  9. crowd
  10. plow
  11. round
  12. couch
  13. proud
  14. bounce
  15. loudly
  16. choice
  17. snowplow
  18. misprint
  19. prepaid
  20. discount

Unit 3 Week 5 List C

  1. voice
  2. coins
  3. noise
  4. foil
  5. loyal
  6. royally
  7. joyful
  8. couch
  9. bowed
  10. proud
  11. louder
  12. bounce
  13. snowplow
  14. crowd
  15. prowling
  16. mountain
  17. joyously
  18. misspell
  19. preview
  20. distrust

Unit 3 Week 3 Vocabulary

surface The outside of something
astronomy The study of the stars and planets
solar system The Earth and the planets that move around the sun
temperature How hot or cold something is
amount How much of something there is
globe The world
support Provide what someone needs
warmth Feeling the heat

Unit 3 Week 2 Vocabulary

temporary Lasts for only a short time
bravery Courage when facing danger
disappear You cannot see them anymore
leader A person who guides or leads others
refused You would not do it
amazement You are surprised
donated Gave something to he
nervous You are upset or worried about something


Unit 3 Week 1 Vocabulary

unique The only one of its kind
dismay To feel shock and surprise
features Things that are noticeable about something
splendid Something that is very beautiful or magnificent
disbelief Lack belief about something
fabulous It is amazing
offered Being presented with something that you can accept or turn down
watchful To be watching carefully


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