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High Ho, High Ho…

January is a very busy time in the library. Research, ordering, shelving, repairing, appraisal, check out, etc… I guess the counter behind my desk becomes a bit of a mess sometimes.

Last week a student pointed behind my desk and asked “What’s that?”
“A pile of books that need shelving,” I answered.
“What’s that?” she asked again, pointing to a different pile.
“A pile of books that need repairing,” I answered.
“And what’s that pile?” she asked, having learned how to use the word pile.
“Those are soundbooks (books and CD’s) that need bags,” I answered.
“And that?” she continued.
“Those are new books that need barcodes,” I answered.
“Ms. Brugmann,” she stated “you have a lot of work to do.”

So it’s off to work I go…

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